Product introduction

Chengdu Yunbai Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on various types of steel structure chimneys, such as self-supporting steel chimneys, tower steel chimneys, cluster steel chimneys, exterior decorative steel chimneys, etc., and takes a leading position in the domestic field. It has independently designed, manufactured, and installed the largest 135-meter sleeve self-supporting steel chimney project in Asia.
As an important exhaust gas exhaust device in the petroleum, petrochemical, smelting, power generation, new energy power generation industry, hazardous waste, solid waste treatment and other industries, our industrial chimney plays an important role. Compared to traditional chimneys, with:
1. Prefabricated production by the factory, with high quality controllability and short construction period.
2. Low operating space requirements and low on-site interference.
3. small footprint, saving on-site space.
4.light weight, low cost.
5. convenient on-site installation and short cycle.
6. supporting damping damper technology, low load, enhanced structure safety and stability.
7.the appearance of landscaping design, to solve the difficult neighboring effect.

8. The steel chimney is easy to remove in the later stage, with low removal cost, and the steel can be recycled.


Industrial chimney system: petroleum, chemical, electric power, smelting, solid waste disposal, power generation and other waste gas emission systems.

Stainless steel chimney system: It is used in smoke exhaust system of various boilers, water coolers, air-conditioning direct-fired units, diesel generators, incinerators, industrial Plamet systems and other equipment.

Fume purification system: mainly used in various hotels, large commercial plazas, Shoppingmall, and other large catering fume emission system.

VOCS Purification System: It is used in small and medium-sized enterprises (wood-based panels, printing, furniture, rubber, plastic processing) to meet the needs of high efficiency, medium and low cost waste gas treatment equipment.

About Yunbai
Yunbai Environment was founded in 1993 and has gone through more than 20 years of wind and rain. Currently, it has a production base of 40000 square meters in Suzhou Yunbai Environment; A 40000 square meter production base in Chengdu Yunbai Environment; A production base of 20000 square meters in Tianjin Yunbai Environment; The business scale of Bremen subsidiary and China Machinery Research Institute Company in Germany has fixed assets of hundreds of millions of yuan, top-notch equipment and laboratories that are difficult for peers to reach, more than 100 national patents, complete qualifica...
  • 30 years
    + Manufacturing experience
    30 years of professional chimney manufacturing experience
  • 400
    + Staff
    Personnel with R&D, technology/production, etc..
  • 100 thousand
    + Capacity Scale
    Production Base Area
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