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Decorative chimney system
With the development of urbanization, many chimney projects are making new innovations in the overall aesthetics, from the modeling of buildings to the matching of colors. As the highest building of a project, chimney is the image of a factory area and even a landmark. The beauty of chimneys also conveys this kind of corporate culture, and it is also a reflection of the social responsibility that affects the appearance of the city.
In recent years, Yunbai environment has made a lot of investment in the field of chimney deindustrialization, combined with the structural characteristics of the company's products, and made many innovations in the appearance and modeling.
Tower type decorative steel chimney
Tower type steel chimneys are mostly square frame supporting structures, which can be decorated with metal curtain walls on the outer surface of the tower. There are many kinds and shapes of metal curtain wall, so different appearance effects can be implemented.
Self supporting steel chimney
The self-supporting steel chimney has the appearance characteristics of small floor area, small volume and single structure. Combined with such structure characteristics, it can be painted on the outer wall of the chimney, with lighting effect, showing industrial beauty.

Cluster type decorative steel chimney
The cluster type steel chimney covers a large area, has a large volume and other appearance features. It can set up metal mesh on the outside of the chimney, with different colors, so that it looks more integrated and has a metal sense.
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