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Stainless steel chimney system
Yunbai Environmental Steel Chimney System is a steel chimney system that combines international industrial chimney technology and relies on large domestic design institutes and universities to jointly develop and meet the smoke exhaust requirements of various boilers, industrial furnaces and other equipment. The participating units of the specification GB/T50051-2021 "Technical Standard for Chimney Engineering" of Yunbai Environment have filled the gap of domestic industrial steel chimney. As the chimney member of the Industrial Chimney Association in Asia, the company takes the European and American standards as reference, leads the domestic chimney technology, and provides customers with complete chimney design, manufacturing and installation services.

In terms of chimney safety structure technology, Yunbai Environment has innovatively adopted damper technology, online displacement monitoring technology and anti-falling ladder technology to make the chimney structure more stable and have a longer service life.

Leading by the leading self-supporting steel chimney, tower steel chimney, cluster steel chimney, and exterior decorative steel chimney, we will solve the chimney safety problems for customers with the best anti-corrosion solution, and solve the worries for customers with the best quality and service.
Stainless steel chimney features

(1) The structure is more stable and can be built up to a height of 180 meters;


(2) High structural strength, flexible design of multiple inner cylinders and single inner cylinders;


(3) Factory prefabrication, on-site assembly and transportation;


(4) High quality controllability and short construction period;


(5) It can be equipped with various shapes to become the urban landscape and solve the difficult neighboring avoidance effect, especially suitable for central heating, garbage incineration, solid waste treatment and other projects.

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