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SKEMA Business School in France visited our company

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On October 9, 2017, Professor Yang Guangyu from the Employment Guidance Office of SKEMA Business School in France and Professor Chris Deans from the International Supply Chain Program brought about 40 French students from International Business to study and exchange.

The SKEMA Business School's visit mainly includes two parts of the factory visit and discussion.

During the discussion, French students generally reflected that the trip to the cloud changed their traditional views on Chinese private enterprises. In their impression, the Chinese factories are messy and disorderly, and they actually see a clean and tidy workshop, orderly production, and a highly qualified workforce. The pursuit of quality and the service to customers have left a deep impression on the teachers and students. Many foreign students said that if possible, they hope to cooperate with Yunbai environment and use their knowledge and local advantages in France. Together with the white people of the cloud, bring the cloud white products and the spirit of cloud white to France.

Before the end of the visit, Chairman Wang Yong delivered a speech and expressed his warm welcome to the visit of SKEMA Business School. Wang Dong said that the exchanges between the two sides are not only the school-enterprise docking of universities and enterprises, but also the evidence of Sino-French friendship and cooperation. He believes that for Yunbai, which is going international, there will be more and more such cooperation and exchanges. He sincerely hopes that through this kind of international cooperation and exchanges, the friendship between China and France will be promoted. Development creates favorable conditions.

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